International press coverage of the Carbuncle Cup

The malling of our cities
The Times, January 2007

Bricks and Slaughter
The BBC, October 2007

‘Ugly’ Orion Building pulls in the sales
Birmingham Post, October 2007

It’s the carbuncle cup
The Rat and Mouse, October 2007

A Bridgewater too far?
The BBC, October 2008

Hotel is nominated in ‘carbuncle’ competition
Jersey Evening Post, September 2008

They’re up for the cup
Bournemouth Echo, October 2008

Britain’s ugliest building
The Telegraph, August 2009

The Carbuncle Cup: The award for ugliest building goes to…
The Times, September 2009

Carbuncle Cup: the ugliest buildings in Britain
The Telegraph, September 2009

Carbuncle Cup shortlist names and shames Britain’s worst architecture
The Guardian, July 2010

Wee sleekit cow’rin tim’rous carbuncle…
The Scotsman, July 2010

Strata makes Carbuncle shortlist
South London Press, July 2010

Belfast buildings in running for ugliness trophy
The Belfast Telegraph, July 2010

Towering above its rivals to win the Carbuncle Cup
The Independent, August 2010

London’s Strata tower wins Carbuncle Cup as Britain’s ugliest new building
The Guardian, August 2010

BFLS’s ugly phallus wins worst building award
Artreview, August 2010

London tower named Britain’s ugliest new building
New Zealand Herald, August 2010

London’s “Green” Strata Tower Wins Carbuncle Cup As Ugliest Building in Country
Treehugger, August 2010

Building Design Awards Strata Tower Its Carbuncle Cup for Ugliest New Building
Mediabistro, August 2010

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